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Dr. Cesar Parra

Owner of Piaffe Performance and Champion Dressage Rider
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Dr. Cesar Parra

Gold Medalist in the 2011 Pan American Games, Olympic Team in 2004, Intermediate United States Dressage Champion in 2010

Dr. Cesar Parra was born and raised in Colombia, South America. While living in Colombia, Parra was a devoted student, but developed a passion for horses in his free time as a child. He opted to pursue his dream of being a successful dentist at College Colegio Odontologico from which he graduated in 1982. He began his studies in South America, but eventually came to America to fulfill his dream. He settled down in Boston while in school where he attended both Harvard and Boston University.

Not only did Cesar become a successful dentist, he also was a professor while at Boston University. After finishing his post doctorate work, Dr. Parra moved back to Colombia to establish his dental practice and soon began riding horses, a passion he had since childhood, as a hobby. Dr. Parra enjoyed giving back and helping out the people of Colombia, but the turmoil and political situations in Colombia spurred both Dr. Cesar Parra, his wife, and two children to move back to the United States in 1999 for safety reasons.

After returning back to the States, Dr. Cesar Parra’s childhood passion of riding started to take priority. Having the time and facilities available, Parra began practicing his craft more and more. Dressage is a form of horse discipline, arguably one of the most difficult forms to date. The sport is French, and is considered very prestigious if performed correctly. In simpler terms, Dressage is a sport which fosters ultimate harmony between a horse and rider. Over the years of practicing Dressage, Dr. Cesar Parra has proven himself to be a top rider in the sport. In fact, in 1999 he opened the Piaffe Performance, a full service riding center. The center, based in both Florida and New Jersey, primarily focuses on classical German training methods.

His decades of dedication and hard work paid off as Dr. Parra established himself as one of the top performers in the Dressage sport. His individual achievements include, placing in multiple Pan-American Games, as well as competing in the 2004 Olympics. Dr. Parra also fulfilled his dream of earning American citizenship. Over the decade and a half he has resided in the United States, he has competed extensively on the domestic level, becoming the Intermediate United States Dressage champion in 2010. This was the first year he was eligible to compete for the United States. Training with such elite members in the USA, Parra and his fellow riders competed and won the Gold Medal in the 2011 Pan American Games for The United States.

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